Frequently Asked Questions

What is the focus of Malta DJ Events?

Our focus is to provide impeccable entertainment to your event through our DJ's & Musicians who know music, people & energy.

What are your rates?

Every event is different and will be quoted on individual basis. We do not post our prices but you can get a quote today by filling out the contact form in the Contact us section or by sending an email on info@maltadj.events

Do you charge an hourly rate or by the hour?

Events with a spicfied end time are quoted with a flat rate. Events which do not have an end time are quoted with an hourly rate and possibly an overtime fee.

Will I be charged for the time spend during set-up?

No you are only charged for the duration of the performance.

What services does Malta DJ Events offer?

We provide DJ' & musician's services, sound systems and various lighting effects. For a detailed specification of all the equipment please get in touch.   

Do  you have a written contract?

Yes, the contact will be sent with the booking confirmation e-mail. 

Can we meet in person who will be actually working my event?

We are a team of DJ's & musicians and you will definatly have have the time to make sure you are confortable with the person at the reception. You'll find out if how cool, fun and respectful we are. 

Will your equipment allow you to mix one song into another so that there are no breaks from one song to the next?

We use fully professional equipment like Pioneer CDJ's, Apple Mac's, Traktor & Serato Scratch Pro to ensure a seamless flow of music.

We cover all of Malta, Gozo & Comino. (Yes Comino too)

We cover all of Malta, Gozo & Comino. (Yes Comino too)

How does the DJ's select music for an event?

We talk to the clients before the event to find out what would appeal to the majority of the guest. We find out what we 'must' and 'must not' play and gather the music. On the night our DJ's will read the crowd and make minor adjustments to fit the vibe and atmosphere.

We don't like Rap, country or Techno....

We won't play it.

Why should I pick a DJ over a band?

Our DJ's aren't nearly as expensive as as bands and we don't take breaks. Accountability is on one person and we require far less time for setting up. Our DJ's have a music collection of over 60,000 tracks in various genres including  Top 40, Dance, Rnb, Oldies, Jazz, Classical, Electronic, Deep House, Chillout, Vocal House, Classics, Pop, Latin, Reggaton, Reggae, Rock, world music and more