Once your guests get going with the music and atmosphere of the wedding reception keeps building they will want to keep going. Some will call it a night but normally around half of the guests would want to continue with the party. This is where the afterparty comes in.

So during the reception the aim was to keep things interesting musically by playing a variety of styles of music - now that more of the younger crowd are left we could go ahead and lift the vibe a notch by playing more recent, pumping tunes whilst throwing a few dance classics every now and again. Of course every wedding afterparty playlist is fully customisable and can be adjusted to the couple's taste.

Below are some videos of previous wedding after parties and a Spotify playlist with some of the tracks that are more likely to be played. More exclusive music could be added to the set including remixes, bootlegs and mashups that can't be found on Spotify.

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DJ, Saxophone, Percussion for wedding after parties is also a very good option.

The job of the Saxophone and Bongo players is to get as many people dancing as possible. They will get right into the middle of the crowd and showcase their amazing saxophone solos and high paced bongo drumming up close to whip your guests into a frenzy. One of the great things about our live Sax and Bongo players is that they can improvise over the top of any music which gives the DJ the freedom to read the crowd and play the music that is going to get the most people dancing. This is the ultimate live DJ set experience that adds energy, soul, passion and performance to the night that will get your whole family dancing.


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