The ultimate guide to planning a memorable Maltese Wedding

Embarking on the journey of planning a wedding is a thrilling adventure, and what better backdrop than the picturesque island of Malta? Known for its rich history, stunning landscapes, and warm Mediterranean charm, Malta provides an enchanting setting for your special day. In this ultimate guide, we'll take you through the steps of planning a memorable Maltese wedding, from choosing the venue to incorporating local traditions that will make your celebration truly unique.

1. Selecting the Perfect Venue

Malta offers a diverse range of wedding venues, each with its own distinct charm. Consider historical sites like the Mdina Cathedral or a romantic seaside location overlooking the crystal-clear Mediterranean waters. Explore options that align with your vision, whether it's a traditional church ceremony or a beachfront celebration.

2. Navigating the Legal Requirements

Before diving into the wedding preparations, it's crucial to understand the legal requirements for getting married in Malta. Ensure you have all the necessary documentation, including a Notice of Marriage, and familiarize yourself with the residency and waiting period regulations.

3. Embracing Maltese Wedding Traditions

Make your celebration unique by incorporating Maltese wedding traditions. Consider the "għonnella," a traditional Maltese lace shawl worn by the bride, or the symbolic tossing of rice or almonds for good luck. Embrace the local customs to add an authentic touch to your special day.

4. Choosing the Right Time of Year

Malta boasts a Mediterranean climate, making it an ideal wedding destination year-round. However, consider the time of year that aligns with your preferences. Spring and early autumn offer pleasant temperatures, while summer provides long, sunny days for a magical celebration.

5. Working with Local Vendors

Opting for local vendors not only supports the community but also ensures a seamless planning process. From catering services that showcase Maltese cuisine to local florists who understand the island's blooms, collaborating with professionals rooted in Malta enhances the authenticity of your wedding.

6. Crafting a Maltese-Inspired Menu

Malta is renowned for its delicious and diverse cuisine. Work with your caterer to incorporate local specialties into your wedding menu. From fresh seafood to traditional pastries like the renowned pastizzi, offering a taste of Malta will be a delightful treat for your guests.

7. Exploring Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Locations

Take advantage of Malta's breathtaking landscapes for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Explore the charming streets of Valletta, pose against the backdrop of the Blue Lagoon in Comino, or capture romantic moments overlooking the cliffs of Dingli. The options are endless for creating stunning memories.

8. Ensuring Guest Comfort and Accommodation

As you plan your destination wedding, consider the comfort and accommodation of your guests. Malta offers a range of hotels, resorts, and charming guesthouses. Provide information on local attractions and activities to enhance the overall experience for your wedding attendees.

9. Incorporating Maltese Music and Dance

Add a touch of local flair to your celebration by incorporating traditional Maltese music and dance. Whether it's the lively rhythms of the "Għana" or the elegance of the Maltese Waltz, infusing these cultural elements into your wedding festivities will create a vibrant and unforgettable atmosphere.

10. Planning a Seaside Celebration

Given Malta's stunning coastline, consider planning a seaside celebration. Beach weddings offer a romantic and picturesque setting, with the sound of the waves and the golden sunset creating a magical ambiance for your ceremony and reception.

11. Creating Memorable Wedding Favors

Express your gratitude to guests with wedding favors inspired by Malta. Consider gifting local products such as artisanal honey, traditional Maltese nougat, or a bottle of the island's renowned olive oil. Thoughtful and locally inspired favors will leave a lasting impression.

12. Adding a Touch of Maltese Decor

Enhance the visual appeal of your wedding venue by incorporating Maltese-inspired decor. From traditional patterns to colors reflecting the Mediterranean palette, infusing these elements into your floral arrangements, table settings, and overall decor will create a cohesive and culturally rich atmosphere.

13. Organizing Pre-Wedding Excursions

Maximize the destination wedding experience by organizing pre-wedding excursions for you and your guests. Explore Malta's historical sites, take a boat trip to the Blue Grotto, or embark on a wine-tasting tour. These experiences will not only create cherished memories but also showcase the beauty and diversity of the island.

14. Planning for Unpredictable Weather

While Malta enjoys favorable weather, it's wise to plan for unexpected changes. Have a backup plan for outdoor ceremonies, and consider providing shade or fans for guests during warmer months. A well-prepared contingency plan ensures a smooth celebration regardless of the weather.

15. Hiring a Local Wedding Planner

To navigate the intricacies of planning a destination wedding in Malta, consider hiring a local wedding planner. A professional with knowledge of the island's venues, vendors, and regulations can streamline the planning process and alleviate potential stress, allowing you to fully enjoy your special day.


Planning a Maltese wedding is a unique and rewarding experience, combining the romance of a destination wedding with the rich cultural tapestry of Malta. By carefully considering the venue, traditions, and local elements, you can create a celebration that not only reflects your love but also captures the essence of this enchanting Mediterranean island. Embrace the beauty of Malta, and let your wedding be a testament to the magic this destination has to offer.

A Diverse Musical Extravaganza - Nicola & James' - UK Wedding DJ - Limestone Heritage

A Diverse Musical Extravaganza - Nicola & James' UK Wedding DJ Set

Event Date: 14.09.2023

Bride and Groom: Nicola & James

Number of Guests: 45

Venue: Limestone Heritage

Step into the enchanting world of Nicola and James' UK wedding, where the perfect harmony of music, love, and celebration came together in a truly magical setting. This unforgettable event showcased a diverse blend of musical styles curated to cater to the British taste, ensuring that every guest had their moment to dance, groove, and create everlasting memories.

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Limestone Heritage, the wedding was a seamless fusion of modern technology and natural beauty. The stage was set with DJ equipment positioned beneath the lush canopy of trees for the ceremony, complete with wireless microphones and speakers. For the evening reception, a full DJ setup was placed beside the majestic waterfall, providing a stunning visual and auditory experience.


4:00 pm - Ceremony Starts: The magical journey began with the bride walking down the aisle to the ethereal sounds of Ruelle's "I Get to Love You." As they sealed their vows, George Ezra's "Shotgun" filled the air as they walked away as a married couple, petals showering the path.

16:00 - 17:30 pm - Guitarist: The cocktail hour was graced by the melodious tunes of guitarist, setting a soothing and elegant atmosphere for guests to mingle and enjoy.

20:00 pm - 00:00 am - DJ Neo-X: As the night descended, DJ Neo-X alongside Saxophonist and Percussionist took over the decks, transforming the atmosphere into a vibrant dancefloor. Neo-X's new setup, complete with mesmerizing lights and subwoofers, created an Instagram-worthy visual spectacle. The first dance between Nicola and James was a heartfelt moment, choreographed to Lady Gaga's "Always Remember Us This Way."

Musical Selection:

The diverse musical lineup, catering to the British musical palate, included hits such as Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off," Kool & The Gang's "Celebration," Luther Vandross's "Never Too Much," and ABBA's "Gimme Gimme Gimme." The playlist transcended genres, moving from dance anthems like Robin S's "Show Me Love" to soulful classics like Stevie Wonder's "Signed, Sealed, Delivered."

From contemporary pop tracks to timeless classics, the playlist catered to every guest's musical preferences. Hits like Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" and Amy Winehouse's "Valerie" had the dancefloor bustling with energy.

As the night drew to a close, the DJ took guests on a musical journey with a mix of genres and eras, including The Weather Girls' "It's Raining Men," Tina Turner's "Proud Mary," and the timeless Abba hit, "Dancing Queen." The evening culminated with Outkast's infectious "Hey Ya," leaving guests with hearts full of joy and memories that would last a lifetime.

Nicola and James' UK wedding DJ set was a testament to the power of music in bringing people together, celebrating love, and creating unforgettable moments on the dancefloor. It was a night of pure magic, where the diverse musical tapestry of the UK came to life in a symphony of love and celebration.


Corporate Event Parties

Corporate events and parties are a great way for companies to show appreciation to their employees and celebrate their successes. These events not only provide a break from the daily routine but also help to foster a sense of community and build morale. However, planning and executing a successful corporate event can be a daunting task. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of corporate event parties and some tips for planning a successful one.



Beautiful, inspiring couple from the U.K. Emil and Charlotte Burton who had their wedding at the 5 star Hotel, Phoenicia. The Ceremony took place outside in the peaceful garden, then the guests moved for the welcome drinks and some cocktails. After that dinner was served inside the Green room with soft, chillout/lounge over a live Saxophonist. Couple had a really good idea of the type of music they wanted so they sent Spotify playlists with genres that include: House, 90's, Rnb/Hip-Hop/Garage, Motown and more. It was a great evening indeed and we remain friends till this day. Congratulations.


First Dance
Miguel - Adorn

After first dance

Father & Daughter Dance
My Girl Temptations

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Hayley & Malcom Wedding – Villa Mdina

This wedding was as stylish as the couple getting married! It was a seated wedding with guests spread around the venue both inside and outside. The DJ, Saxophone and Bongos package was booked for this wedding.
One of the great things about our live Sax and Bongo players is that they can improvise over the top of any music which gives the DJ the freedom to read the crowd and play the music. This is the ultimate live DJ set experience that adds energy, soul, passion and performance to the night. Congratulations Hayley & Malcom.

Capture d’écran 2021-07-11 à 10.04.56
x2 Bose Column Speaker - Events of up to 100 pax


DJ Andre + Alfred on Saxophone

Wilfred Grech & TerriAnne's Wedding
Rooftop Santa Lucia Boutique Hotel Gozo - This was the first ever event/wedding at this venue.
100 pax
7pm - 1am

The wedding was on the rooftop of a Boutique Hotel, however the guests were welcomed at the reception, lounge and by the pool on level 0 for the first hour as there was a harpist playing. Then at around 7.00pm the wedding organiser asked the guests to start slowly heading to the rooftop, and that’s when the DJ started playing.
During the first hours of the wedding
Chillout/Lounge Music was played along with the saxophonist and the client choose some of these songs too.

After the Saxophonist finished more upbeat music was played and was left the hands of the DJ to pick the right vibe.

Video embed code not specified.

Justin & Connie Wedding – Eden Lodge

We had the pleasure of spinning a wedding at Eden Lodge for the lovely Justin & Connie. DJ Andre was there spinning the night away capturing all the festivities and showcasing the fun essence of this couple.

Big congratulations again to Justin & Connie.

Seated Wedding
Wedding Reception Start time 6.30pm
Wedding Reception Ending time 12.30am
Cake Midnight
First Dance: 11pm
Number of Guests: 200
Venue: Eden Lodge Żurrieq
Music Styles : House/Chillout/ Party/Classics/80's/90's 2000 - present/ disco.
Saxophone Player: Mario Borg
Sax 3 hrs - start 7pm

Extra speakers were set up inside to be sure of equal sound distribution.


Angela & Steve wedding – Ivory suite gozo

Seated Wedding
Venue: Ivory Suite gozo
DJ style of music: Chill-out/ Lounge/House / Classics /Deep house
cake cutting song - bruno mars -marry you

18:30PM – 20:30PM

SWING NUAGES: 20:30PM – 23:15PM

DJ Andre: 23:30PM – 01:30AM


Ceremony Location: Cathedral
Ceremony Time: 17:00
Reception Location Ivory Suite
Reception Time: 18:00
Bride: Angela
Groom: Steve
Wedding Consultant Elegant Impressions: Elaine Galea
Elegant Impressions: Bernard Xuereb
Celebrant: Isqof Anton Teuma, Arc Joseph. Sultana, Fr Daniel Sultana
Florist: George Sacco Xerri
Photographer: George Saguna
Videographer: Earth & Castle: Marlon George Grech
Cocktail Hour Cordia:
Reception Band : Swing Nuages
Reception DJ Malta DJ Events - Andre Sammut
Caterer: Neriku Caterers
Cake: Edel's Cakes
Drinks: Andrew Forace
Transportation: Bridal/Groom Car Dalton's
Transportation Godnic
Makeup Artist Justin Brincat
Hairdresser: A Cut Above
Dog minder: Karen Attard
Photo-booth Memory Magnet: Rodney
Lighting/Red carpet/Chairs: JPR Rentals
Decor Deco by Mon: Monique
Fireworks: Johnny
Cleaner: Mr Clean

rachel & David @Razzett L-abjad


Thanks for chosing us on your big day ever! It was our pleasure to serve on your speical day.

Rachel and David held a wedding last Monday @Razzett L-abjad.

Our professional DJ and SAX assigned that day. Here are some pictures below!

  • DJ: DJ Gaetano
  • SAX: IVA
  • Pax: 60
  • Venue: Razzett l abjad 
  • Wedding planner: Perfect Weddings
  • First dance song – Bob Marley, Is this love momtmartre remix
  • Cut cake song – Maroon 5, Sugar
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