Want to add that extra special touch to your wedding day?

The DJ and Saxophone combination will tear the roof of the dance floor with energy and soul. This unique combination will deliver an exceptional experience for guests and will perform your favourite selected tracks.

This idea is simple where the DJ plays music anywhere from chill beat, Deep House, Top 40 charts, dance classics, 70's/80’s /90’s and our cool Saxophonist will join in harmony producing sweet sounding music vibes, This saxophonist will be connected up to the sound system via a wireless microphone allowing him to move around the dance floor freely and even dance with the guests.

The DJ & Saxophonist package can be used either for prior the first dance where more chilled music is played or after the first dance where more upbeat is played. Although there are these 2 options the Saxophonist works best before the first dance as the musician will have more room in the frequency spectrum of the music to improvise and create melodies on top.

DJ & Saxophonist demos can be heard here.


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