Embarking on a musical journey from a tender age, Andre Sammut, now known as DJ NÈO-X, has evolved into a maestro of sound, seamlessly blending genres and captivating audiences worldwide. With a profound passion for music that transcends boundaries, NÈO-X has become a force to be reckoned with in the DJing and events realm.

Maltese CLubing Scene

NEO-X has been involved heavily in the Maltese Music scene for a very long time and has played in all popular Maltese Hangouts including Gianpula, Uno, Cafe Del Mar, Hugo's, Montekristo, Sky Club, Tritoni Fountian and St. George's Square for Valleta Cultural Agency just to name a few.

Worldwide Touring

His style of music has lead him to iconic venues like Ibiza Rocks (Ibiza) were he had a 4 month residency, Hideout Festival (Croatia), Sound Garden (Thailand), Ministry of Sound in London and many more venues and festivals around the world.

Chasing Sunsets 

Adding to his accolades, NÈO-X holds the esteemed title of resident DJ at the increasingly popular Chasing Sunsets with Tenishia a 5 time ranking DJ in DJ Mag top 100. This cultural and historical initiative carefully curates venues to provide a holistic experience for music enthusiasts. NÈO-X's residency at Chasing Sunsets showcases his ability to connect with diverse audiences while promoting the rich tapestry of culture and history through his carefully selected sets.

Elevate Your Event

Musical mastery meets event elevation. NEO-X is dedicated to maximising your event, creating unforgettable wow moments, and infusing every gathering with a dynamic energy that lingers long after the last beat. His passion lies in understanding the essence of entertainment and connecting with people through crowd activation. DJ NEO-X doesn't just play music; he curate an experience that resonates with your audience, ensuring a night that is not only refreshing but truly exceptional. Your vision becomes my guide, and together, we create an atmosphere that allows our audience to open up, connect, and relish in a night of pure entertainment

Music Styles

NÈO-X's extensive knowledge and proficiency in various musical disciplines lay the foundation for his mesmerising performances. His rhapsodic style seamlessly weaves together House & Electronic Music, creating an immersive experience for his audience. A testament to his versatility and widespread acclaim, NÈO-X has shared line-ups with renowned artists such as Tenishia, Paul Van Dyk, Liu, Who, and many more. His eclectic musical style, ranging from deep melodic vocal indie house to emotive electronica, ensures that each performance is a unique and unforgettable journey through the sonic landscape.


Featured in press publications that celebrate musical innovation, DJ NÈO-X's name has become synonymous with cutting-edge sounds that transcend traditional boundaries. With features in the press, DJ NÈO-X's artistic journey is not only making waves on the dance floors but is also shaping the narrative of contemporary music.

Music Production

Not only a captivating DJ, but NÈO-X also shines as a prolific Music Producer, with releases on esteemed labels including Delve Deeper Recordings, Soulstar Records, Onako Records, Juiced Music, and Ibiza Boys. His contributions to the global music scene have solidified his reputation as a forward-thinking and innovative music producer.

Live Setup

Beyond the turntables and the confines of traditional DJ setups, DJ NÈO-X takes his musical artistry to new heights by embracing the world of live experimentation. Known for his rhapsodic style of music NÈO-X thrives on pushing the boundaries of what's possible in live performances including experimenting with live instruments and Pioneer DJS 1000 Sampler.

So, whether you're planning a corporate event, a wedding, or a party that demands a unique musical touch, DJ NÈO-X is your go-to maestro. Let's collaborate to turn your event into a remarkable experience that leaves a lasting impression. Your goals are my goals, and together, we'll create a night that surpasses all expectations.

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