ES1002 – Column PA system

Technical Data Speaker Type
BI-Amped Mono Column System Acoustical data
Frequency Response [-10dB] 43 – 20.000 Hz
130.7 dB MF – HF 8x 4″
Type MF – HF Neodymium LF
2x 12″
Directivity (HxV) 97×40?
Amp Technology Digipro? G3 Amp Class Class-D
Power Amp Peak 1800 W
Processor Controller
DSP 24 Bit/48 kHz
System Presets
Flat – Bass boost – Bass reduction – Playback – Speech – Long throw – HPF 80 Hz – HPF 120 Hz

ES1002 comes with 1 subwoofer and 1 column top, both powered by a class D DIGIPRO G3 amplifier delivering 1800 W peak.
The top satellite is equipped with 8×4” mid-woofers, whose alignment allows an asymmetrical vertical coverage, avoiding any useless dispersion of the sound above the audience. Moreover, each mid-range woofer is provided with a newly designed phase-plug able to widen the horizontal coverage while guaranteeing a perfect intelligibility of the vocal range from every listening position.
The sub encompasses 2X12” woofers in bass-reflex configuration, the amp module and the control panel, whose inclined design improves usability. I/O section allows to connect up to 2 INPUTS (XLR mono and RCA stereo with independent volume controls) and provides a balanced link out to feed a second system or a stage monitor.
A rotary with 8 preset EQ helps users to perfectly tune the system, adapting it to different environments and uses (playback, live music, speech etc.).
The enclosures of both top and sub are made of plywood, coated with a durable scratch-resistant finish, which makes ES1002 truly road-ready.