romy&Agne @Olive gardens

Andre is an amazing DJ. It was our luck that we have been recommended Andre at last minute. We had few other DJ's on our list who treated us like just another wedding conveyor play request or were too busy to meet even though we have come all the way from UK! Andre is such a lovely genuine person. He shared our excitement about our music choices, was very easy to communicate with. And oh my - we had a PARTY of our lives! Thanks a million again Andre! Lot's of love ❤️

bride Agne

What an amazing DJ. Trying to find a reputable DJ in a foreign country that understands your type of music can be a real challenge.
We are so happy when we found Andre. Firstly he was the only DJ who was willing to travel to our hotel. Everyone else wanted us to meet them at their offices. Secondly, Andre bought his DJ music library to reconfirm he knew precisely the tracks you are referring to.
Also, Andre suggested creating a WhatsApp group that allowed us to send our favourite Spotify, Soundcloud and Mix Cloud tracks.
No other DJ offered or was willing to put this much effort.
On the Wedding day, Andre smashed it. Everyone was dancing, and he delivered in all areas.
What a lovely guy Andre is and we wish him every success.

Groom Romy

Romy & Agne got married in a lovely day on 20 May(520) here in Malta.
As you can see from the pictures, our professional Djing service successfully delivered during the after party.

DJ: Andre Sammut
Percussion: KEVIN
Place: Olive Gardens, Mdina
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Choosing your own song during the firework will create a whole new show based on its tempo???

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Sharon + Daren – radisson Blu (Golden Bay)

Have you ever imagined how would it be to celebrate your wedding at the beach?

The beaches of the Mediterranean coast of Malta are known because of its special charm. The calm and spectacular sea, the soft sand under your feet and the nature that surrounds it compose the ideal environment to live unforgettable moments.

Sharons wedding was made up of three sections: Ceremony, Dinner & Dance. During dinner slow background music proving a relaxing atmosphere whist during the dancing section a mixture of disco and recent hits were played to get the everyone dancing.

First Dance : Nathan Sykes,Over and Over.

Father & Daughter: Celine Dion,Because you loved me.

Walking out song: Queen - you're my best friend

Untitled design
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Jodie + Karl – Eden Lodge

'I would like to thank you for your amazing service at our special day! Our guests and us  enjoyed every minute it. ' Bride | Jodie

Saturday night at the beautiful venue -  Eden Lodge & Cottage Gardens Wedding Venue (Zurrieq) with magnificent views to to celebrate the love between the couple. On the wedding day, the couple went to church  while the guests gathered at reception with wedding gifts,  After the church ceremony, a reception was held, with traditional Maltese food and lots of dancing,

Most traditional Maltese weddings will feature a garter section which is a key component of a bride's wedding day attire, hidden underneath her gown, waiting for the groom to retrieve it and toss to all the single men at the reception. Do you have fun traditions in your home country/culture?

Date: 11th May 2019
Venue: Eden Lodge & Cottage Gardens, Wedding & Event Venue
DJ: Andre Sammut
Saxophonist: Michel Gold'm Sax
Wedding Planner: The Organizer

Below please find the songs requested by the couple. In this case the couple did not provide the DJ with a song list for dancing and left it up to the DJ to select the music. There was a vast variety of music played including House, Dance, Electro Swing and some classics. Dance-floor was pack from start to finish!!
Entry Song - Top of the world
First dance; Bryan Adams - I'll do it for you
2nd Slow Song: Xemx
Bouqet Toss - Girls just wanna have fun
Garter - Another one bites the  dust
Cake Cutting - Celebration
Going away: Best Day of my life

Sound system - Funktion One

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Funktion 1 Sound System

Matthew & Leanne – Giardini Lambrosa

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www.shanepwatts.com 688
www.shanepwatts.com 696
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Date: Saturday 23rd March 2019
Package: DJ & Saxophonist
Pax:  320 guests
Saxophonist: Ivan Borg
DJ: Andre Sammut
Photography: Shane P. Watts
Venue: Giardini Lambrosa
Organizer: JJ Curmi (The Organizer)

Entry song – Vida la vida

First Dance: Medley (Choreographed dance - 3 songs mixed together)

Cake Cutting song: Top of the world

Going away song - American Authors – Best Day of My Life

Music Policy: Deep House/House/Dance/  70's/ 80's/90's


Top 10 questions to ask a wedding DJ

So you’re tying the knot. It’s both an awesome time in your life now but also a bit overwhelming at the same time. Now is the time to start to research and secure various wedding professionals. But don’t forget that the wedding DJ is a critical part of the day to not only play great music but sets the tone for each part of the night,

Is my wedding date available?

This one is pretty obvious. But be mindful that many wedding DJs book 12 to 18 months out for many dates, sometimes even two-plus years in advance. So if you have a particular DJ in mind you may want to consider checking their availability before locking in dates.

How long have you been a wedding DJ?

It is good to know if someone is new in the business or has been around for a while. Someone new may still be a great wedding DJ but it would be wise to vet their capabilities a bit more to see if they’re up to the task. Naturally, those with deep experience will likely give you the best results, so be mindful of your choices. All of our wedding DJ's have 10+ years experience in weddings, private events, corporate events & clubs.

Do you perform more than one event per day?

There are DJs that hustle and will book multiple events in a day, others do no more than one gig a day, or sometimes even only one gig a weekend. Personally, we recommend picking someone that is only worried about your big day so all the attention can be on your wedding, but this ultimately a choice of preference. We only take one booking per day so for that day you have our full attention.

What happens if you become unavailable?

This is one of those critical questions to ask a wedding DJ, and they really should have a solid answer to this. If they become unavailable (sick, injured, etc.), how are you going to cover my event? For me personally, We have enough DJs available to be able to cover an event in case their assigned DJ becomes unavailable.

Have you performed at my venue?

It’s nice to have a DJ that has experience with members of that venue and knows the lay of the land. That being said, a quality DJ will perform some kind of reconnaissance with the venue prior to your wedding. So don’t automatically discredit a DJ that has not been there before, just ensure they know what they are doing.

What are your personal musical tastes?

First, be sure to do write down or recollect some of the artists, genres, and periods of music that you like. There are times I have couples that want great music, but can’t remember any of the specific music they like. And While quality DJs will cover all the major genres, it’s still nice to know if that DJ has the same affinity for the music you personally like.

What services do you provide other than music?

Music is very important. However, some DJs also include things like lighting, photo booths, and other services you may be looking for.

Do I get a contract?

If you don’t, RUN! Seriously. This is the most important day of your life. Don’t chance it.

Do you handle ceremony services?

Ah, one of those questions to ask a Wedding DJ that people forget until they start to think more about their day. If you are having a ceremony for really more than say 75 people, or even more so if you are outdoors, it’s the best bet to have at least the officiant mic’d up and amplified. Remember the wedding DJ is more than just playing music! If you have a videographer you need to ensure that both the DJ and the videographer are in sync to capture your special moment. Ceremonies can get quite complicated and it’s best to have someone with the proper experience managing it all.

One of the last questions to ask a wedding DJ? What does this all cost?

Notice I put pricing on the bottom. Honestly, when it comes down to this, the price should be almost secondary. Sure everyone has budgets, but if you find the right DJ aren’t they worth the piece of mind that they will provide you on your special day? The reality is that if the DJ has explained themselves well, they will present to you the value that they will add to your special day. Their professionalism, their expertise, their ability to earn your trust that your wedding will be in great hands. Ensure that you have a proper budget in mind and you’ll be on your way to finding an awesome wedding DJ.



Love Sign


Looking for a way to surprise your loved one on your special day? With our large illuminated love letters you can personalise your celebration and give your guests something to talk about!

A light up sign is bright, right on trend, and can be tailored to your requirements. The light up love sign acts as a fantastic piece of décor providing that all-important ambient lighting for weddings and other special events, such as engagement parties and anniversary celebrations.

x2 sizes to choose from

 1m x 2.4 meters 

2 mx 5m

Do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected] from more info or price list.

Frequently Asked Questions

So here are some the most common questions we get asked:

Malta DJ Events offers you the following unique benefits:

  • choice of highly-experiencedsought-after and fully vetted DJs from our impressive 70 + strong roster
  • Renownedcelebrity and premium options available
  • Talented live musicians available to accompany your choice of DJ including Saxophonists, Violinisit, Percussionists, Singers and more.
  • We tailor our service to suit you; every booking is “bespoke“.  Just tell us what you need and when, and we make it happen!
  • You are in the driving seat when it comes to genresplaylist and music direction (as much or as little as you want to be). For ultimate flexibility, select one of our outstanding
  • Peace  of mind knowing that we always have a back-up in place should the unexpected happen and your DJ be unable to perform last minute. We will also have backup equipment at the event just in case.
  • Price matching promise. If you can demonstrate that you have received a lower quote from an equally talented, professional DJ/agency, please let us know and we will endeavour to match that price
  • Event Design including sound & lighting  services

How much does it cost to hire one of your DJ's ? The cost of every DJ set varies according to the DJ selected; number of hours of performance, extent of equipment required; and any add-ons. Kindly send us an e-mail on [email protected] - include date, venue and the number of guests expected for a quote. We will answer within 24hrs.

How do I secure a booking. To secure your booking (and a particular artist, where applicable), we require a deposit per your contract with us. For all bookings, the deposit is €150 + Vat.

You can pay your deposit by bank transfer.

Can we extend the DJ performance on the night itself? Yes, this is usually possible. However, any extension will be at the given DJ’s discretion.We love an extension request – we see it as the ultimate compliment!

What kind of events do you do? ! We supply DJs to every conceivable event. Weddings, Corporate, Clubs, Lounges  Summer Parties , summer and Christmas parties, networking events, marketing and promotional events, brand parties, product launches, charity fundraising events, balls, street parties, boat parties, festivals – and every type of private party or celebration you could imagine..!

Can we request a drummer or saxophonist? Yes indeed! Adding a live musician (drummer, saxophonist, violinist etc) is a great option for those looking to achieve the wow factor at their event.

What equipment do your DJ's use. For the most part, our DJs use mainly user Pioneer DJ Equipment such as the Pioneer XDJ XZ and the CDJ 2000's and 3000's. Some DJs prefer more other  equipment such as controllers.

If we gave you a playlist would you play it? Yes, which ever DJ you book will be happy to work with your playlist. In fact we prefer it that way. It gives us a general feeling of what style of music you like.

What time would you arrive?
Most often we set-up in the afternoon but it’s flexible. If you want us earlier or later we would obviously turn up at the time you want. Due to the time it takes to get equipment set up before your guests arrive there is no later . It’s not professional to set up equipment when guests are present.

Can we meet up to discuss requirements?

Yes sure, just let me know and we can arrange a mutually convenient time and place. Alternatively, you can also contact me via video call. All you have to do is just contact me to arrange a time for the web chat.

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    Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Professional Wedding DJ.

    1.Expert Planning 

    A professional wedding DJ will walk you through the process and make sure you aren’t missing any important details like song selections, when songs get played and for how long, what songs NOT to play, who is giving speeches, announcements etc etc.  An experienced wedding DJ will act as a background coordinator, working with the venue manager making sure your timeline stays on time.

    2.Selecting the right music

    There is an average of 20-25 songs an hour that get played during the dance portion of your reception and in order to keep everyone happy and excited, they all have to be a hit.  Most weddings have a wide range of ages and it can be difficult to please everyone at the same time since each generation has their favorite dance tunes.  A professional wedding DJ can take your requests and weave them into crowd pleasing favorites that bridge your group together, so that everyone stays on the dance floor all night.  We only use top industry DJs at Malta DJ Events,  many who have made a name for themselves playing at bars, nightclubs, and festivals, and have the ability to beat match songs together to create a seamless transition from one song to the next for maximum dancing fun.


    A professional wedding DJ will arrive early to your venue and setup the right gear in the best location for optimal sound.  We only use top of the line sound equipment, brands like Pioneer, RCF , Shure to make sure it creates the perfect audio atmosphere for your guests.  True pros also have backup equipment available in case something were to go wrong on the day such as a guest spilling a drink on the equipment, etc.  Malta DJ Events even has back up DJs in case of an accident or something unfortunate on the day of your wedding.


    Pro DJs can read a room and play the right song, at the right time.  They can keep the night moving along, making necessary announcements to let people know what is happening and when and also organise guests for speeches, wedding entrances, and traditional formalities.


    When shopping around for DJs, you’ll probably notice a wide range of pricing for services and equipment.  The old saying “you get what you pay for” couldn’t be more true when it comes to hiring the entertainment for such a special occasion.  Yes, it’s easy to find a cheap DJ to play at your wedding, but most likely you would be sacrificing experience, equipment, and peace of mind of having someone who won’t disappear a week before the wedding day.  The widely respected, wedding industry website, The Knot recommends allocating 8-10% of your wedding budget for entertainment Malta Dj Events offers entertainment packages that tend to be less than these percentages, saving you money so you can put it towards more important things, like margaritas on your honeymoon.

    6.DJ Skills

    There are 2 types of wedding DJs in this world. Cheesy” traditional wedding DJ that talks heavily on the microphone and continually creates crowd interaction by announcing songs, playing games, talking to guests, cracking jokes, and generally over-using the mic to help move the night along.  The contemporary-styled DJ more reserved on the microphone, making announcements only when necessary, playing a seamless mix of classic and current hits, and tends to blend into the background of the wedding and not be a focal point.  Here at Malta DJ Events we pride ourselves on being the latter type of DJ.  Our DJs have years of experience not only playing private events, but also playing in public venues where it is frowned upon to be a “Cheesy” DJ. They are used to mixing songs professionally on turntables and CDJs, creating a soundtrack for listeners to focus just on the music, and not the person playing it.  We let the music do the talking.

    7.Appearance & Attire

    You’ve spent countless hours picking the perfect colours, the perfect flowers, the perfect lighting, and the perfect pair of shoes for your big day, why shouldn’t you also pick a DJ that cares just as much as you do about the “look” of your event?  A professional wedding DJ will be groomed and wear the appropriate clothing to match your wedding like a suit and tie for formal weddings, business casual for the relaxed wedding, or even shorts and some flip-flops for your destination beach wedding.  The appearance of the DJ’s equipment should also be of importance, making sure the equipment is clean, there are little or no wires in site, and their DJ area is clutter free.  We care just as much as you do about how our DJ area looks in your photos!

    8.Multiple Locations

    Unless you are having your ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing, all in the same room, you are going to need someone with the experience and the right equipment to handle multiple areas at your wedding.  Music, microphones, and lights need to be available on cue as guests get shuffled from one area to the next and having everything setup by a professional is really the only way to handle this.


    We spend hours and hours prior to your wedding compiling music, testing equipment, contacting vendors, going over the timeline, rehearsing announcements, etc. so that there are no surprises.  Because we have spent so much time organising your wedding before hand, there will be no need to bother you on the day of with questions or issues and you can kick back and enjoy every minute of it (it goes by so fast!)

    10. Memories

    Nobody forgets amazing weddings.  On the other hand, nobody forgets really bad weddings either.  A professional wedding DJ can help make a good wedding great.  We can’t tell you how many times we’ve been told ” You guys were incredible!  Everybody was on the dance floor the whole time.  Everyone kept talking about how good you were at the wedding!”  Our reviews don’t lie.  Make your night a night to remember (in a good way!)

    Samantha & Terrence – Giardini Lambrosa

    We wanted to thank you for your super service. We are still so surprised how much our guests danced through the night. We really enjoyed the vibe 🙂 Well done!

    Terrence & Samantha's wedding at Giardini Lambrosa was a super wedding with over 450 guests.  Started the night with easy listening, background music whilst guests got themselves comfortable.
    After a couple of hours we proceeded with the first dance. (Video Below)
    The crowd really let themselves loose because what followed next was 3 hours of solid dancing - Dance/Clubbing music & hits from 80's & 90's.

    Song Requests

    Entry: For you - Liam Payne, Rita Ora
    First Dance: Perfect - Ed Sheeran
    Parents song: Xemx - Ivan Grech
    Bouquet toss: Single Ladies- Beyoncé
    Garter toss: Sexyback - Justin Timberlake
    Cake cutting: Greatest Day - Take that
    Going away : Best day of my life - American Authors