Anna + Gilles – Palazzo Villa Rosa

Wedding full of wonderful people who got together to celebrate the love between Anna (Russia) + Gilles (France).

Firstly the ceremony took place where the bride and groom gave their vowels and were officially declared husband & wife.

A variety of styles were played here leading up to party/club section including jazz, Rap/Hip-Hop, Chillout, Deep House, Vocal House and Russian traditional songs.

Lots of dancing including a surprise, rehearsed dance from the guests. (Video below) - Happy (Pharrell Williams)

Everyone was excited to be there and had a great time.

Equipment used:

JBL Sound System
Uplighters to light castle and trees
FX Lights
DJ Equipment - Mixer, Laptop, Controller
Wireless Microphone for speeches and ceremony

Song Requests:
Bouquet Toss: Single Ladies - Beyonce
Garter: Sex On Fire - Kings Of Leon
First Dance: Charles Aznacour - For me Formidable
Cake Cutting - We Are Family (Video Below)

Venue: Palazzo Villa Rosa
Wedding Planner: Jewel Wedding 
Saxophonist: Ivan Borg

Kurt & Annalise – Bottegin Pallazzo Xara

Kurt & Annalise
Venue: Bottegin Pallazzo Xara
3rd August 2018 - 7pm till 11pm

Traditional Maltese wedding, everyone was up for dancing, good times.

Played smooth jazz for the first half hour whilst guests were arriving and then switched to the playlist provided by the bride. The DJ on the night took care of the order and added to the list according to what the guests were reacting too the most. Track list found below.
In this wedding the bride wanted to express her love to her husband by singing live over an Enrique Iglesias song: (This went down really well with the guests and was a total surprise for the Kurt.)

Equipment Used:
x2 high speakers
x2 sub woofers
x1 Pioneer DJ Mix
Pioneer Headphones
Traktor controller
Cordless Mic for announcements
Projector to display names of bride & groom on wall
Fx Lighting
x2 moving heads

Song Requests

Bride & Groom: Perfect - Ed Sheeran
Father & Bride - Isn't she Lovely - Stevie Wonder
Mother & Groom - Because you love me - Celine Dione


Dorianne & Franco – Limestone Heritage

onderfull, super wedding. Started off with mellow music to some popular classics to more upbeat modern music for dancing. Intact there's a bit of everything pretty much. Full track list below.
For this wedding the bride only gave me vague guidelines and left it up to us to decide on the musical direction based on the audience and what worked.

Entry Song: All you need is love – The Beatles
1st Slow Song: unchained melody gareth gates
2nd Song (with family) – marvin gaye by charlie puth and meghan trainor
Cake Cutting: Marry you – Bruno Mars
Bouquet Toss: It’s raining men – The Weather Girls
Garter : You sexy thing – Hot Chocolate
Going Away: Can you feel the love tonight – Elton John


x2 Highs
x2 Subs
x2 Moving Heads
Wireless Microphone
Laptop + Controller + Hard drive (Music Storage)
Analoge Mixer
x10 Uplighters - Around trees/ near waterfall - colour celeste

Corporate Beach Party – Golden Sands

We were proud to be involved in supplying all the sound and lighting equipment needs of our discerning customers from Malta.

A magnificent sunset corporate beach party from 18.00 - 23.00 at golden sands with volleyball court, bar and BBQ.


Laptop + Controller
x2 RCF High Speakers
T-bar with x4 FX Lights
General White Light
Generator + Fuel
DJ Stand
Pioneer DJM 750 Mixer




Lyndsey + Bryan, Corinthia St. George Bay Hotel

Venue: Corinthia St. George Bay Hotel

Photographer: Shane P. Watts

Wonderfull small, traditional, Scottish wedding with ceremony & dinner.

For the ceremony a cordless microphone for the registrar was provided along side the entry song for the bride which was Sognatori Per Caso:

I played a selection of smooth, happy, chilled/lounge with some classics whilst the drinks and foods were flowing.

A list of songs was provided by the bride to be played for the dancing section which can be found below. Loved her selection of music especially: New Order, Kasabian, Phill Collins, Prince, Disciples, MK & Daft Punk

First dance: Take That - Rule the World

Going away: Run Rig: Loch Lomond

Congratulations to Lyndsey & Bryan:

Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.

Ceremony Service

If you’re having your ceremony at a church, you won’t need a lot of this information. The church staff and clergy should assist you with sound and music as well as helping you to plan the ceremony. But, if you’re planning to have the wedding at the same location as the reception, listen up.

Music at a wedding is an absolute must! Music sets the mood for the occasion and a big day is often remembered by the entertainment. Of course the music you choose reflects your personality and theme, but what will work best at your celebration?

For the wedding DJ ceremony we use x2 RCF PA System with built in amplifiers,  mixer with 6 inputs for microphones, laptop for music and live instruments like Saxophone, Violin & guitar.

We use professional grade sound and audio equipment so that the wedding officiant, the “saying of the vows”, exchanging of the rings, etc can be heard throughout the ceremony area, no matter where your wedding guests are seated or standing.

Picking the music for your wedding can be fun but it’s only when you get down to the nitty gritty, you realise how many songs you have to choose and how time consuming it can be! While it can be hard work, your song choices will really add some personality to your day and are a great way to make the ceremony more meaningful to you as a couple. Check out our song suggestions for the prelude, Bride walking up the aisle, signing of register & married couple walking down the ailse and signing the register below:

Ceremony Prelude - Richard or slow classical music

Whilst guests are finding their seats, greeting each teacher and settle in.

Bride walking up the aisle - The big entrance, this is it.

Marry bruno - Marry Me

Ed Sheeran - Photograph

Pachelbel - Canon in D

Christina Perri - A Thousand Years (Piano & Cello Version)

Mendelssohn - Wedding March


Signing of the register - The ceremony Interlude

The right song will keep the spirit of the ceremony going

Coldplay - Viva la Vida

Can See Clearly Now – Jimmy Cliff

Your Song – Elton John

I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

Beautiful Day – U2


Couple walking down the isle (Newlywed exit)

Happy – Pharrell Williams

Everything – Michale Bublé

Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours) – Stevie Wonder

All you Need is Love – The Beatles

Ho Hey – The Lumineers

At Last – Etta James

Happy Together – Turtles

You’re My Best Friend – Queen

*Remember – If you’re getting married in a church, make sure to run your song choices by your priest/parish as some churches may not allow certain songs or types of music!

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Wedding Ideas: Classical Guitarist

You might be wondering what kind of live music your guests would enjoy, and how you can make that work with your budget and venue.

This blog post deals specifically deals with background music during wedding ceremony afternoon receptions & cocktail drinks.

If your budget is fairly modest, but you still want the magic that live music can bring, how about a soloist A wedding classical guitarist can provide gentle sophistication and a musical background to your wedding reception or wedding breakfast without being intrusive.

Mr Tony Pace; Guitarist, Tutor and Radio Presenter has been teaching different styles of guitar for a very long time, and his passion for music is unceasing.

A few words from the master.

“There are two kinds of music, good music and bad music and my favourite kind is anything which I classify as good. Good creates standards, like the Beatles had done in the 60s with melodies that even transferred onto jazz. In the 60s, free jazz confused people. Jazz did have some rules, but it was a kind of music that you couldn’t learn from books. You start playing on a chord and improvise your way through.”

“In 1966, I went to play in British nightclubs for about four months. Oscar Lucas and other jazz enthusiasts like me used to go to jazz clubs together to get the full experience. Tony Camilleri, a really good trumpet player, introduced me to a guitarist in the UK that used to play with the best jazz bands there and I took some lessons from him too. I even played in hotels in Ireland and in Brussels with the European institute for a great number of MPs. I played in Mexico with the Minister of Tourism at the time, so I had my fair share of opportunities to get the best kind of exposure.



Tony (guitarist)’s sound is ideal for wedding ceremonies, drinks receptions and wedding breakfasts and his fantastic repertoire is ideal for adding a touch of romance to your wedding day! He comes self-contained with amplifier and can set-up quickly, which makes him an ideal choice when booking for the wedding ceremony and drinks reception.

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DJ Hire for Corporate Events

It’s the music that makes the party.

Companies are usually made up of a diverse group of individuals who all have different tastes in music. The key factor in playing at corporate events is being constantly aware of how the crowd is responding to the music and selecting the right music in the right moments to keep the group happy and interested. We like you to tell us as much as you can about your event, and what your audience will be like, so that we can match you with a DJ who suits your event perfectly.

Top talent DJs carry an extensive music library that allows them to adapt to the audience’s mood. DJs make setting up and strike a breeze due to not needing a lot of equipment for a performance. They also take up less space then a typical band, which makes them adaptable to any venue. We have professional, immaculately dressed corporate DJs who know how to please even the toughest crowd at any corporate event – from quiet, formal receptions to lively Christmas parties. Known for their ability to mix, blend, scratch, mash up and read a crowd, our DJs can appropriately set the mood and ambience for a corporate cocktail event.

Established to bridge the gap between the club and Special Events worlds.

Treating your employees and/or clients to a party can be a great way to build morale or thank your customers. We pride ourselves in our performance excellence and high service levels which make us very much stand out from the crowd, and we happily perform at every type of event: bars, clubs, events, gigs, parties, gatherings and shows. All of our DJs/artists have multiple years of professional experience from a multitude of locations around the world

It is also an idea to establish if it is possible to extend the DJ performance on the night itself, in case you decide that you want to continue the event for a longer time than expected.

When planning a company party, you want your guests to have an enjoyable time. This is an occasion to show thanks and appreciation to your co-workers or employees, and to entertain other invitees whether they be spouses or visiting VIPs. A great party will be remembered for a long time. Malta DJ Events has launched hundreds of incredible events and created crazy-happy memories for clients across the country. We hope you’ll soon be one of them.

Malta DJ Events offers great music, lighting, sound, skilled musicians & DJ  services for all types of corporate events, galas and meetings, with 50 to 2000 guests.

Dancing On Clouds – Weddings

Dancing on a clouds adds that magical touch and makes for amazing First Dance pictures.  If you are great dancers it will take your first dance to another level.  If you aren't the best dancers in the world it will make your first dance special without adding the pressure to impress your guests with your moves.  You will be amazed on how many pictures your guests will take of your first dance.

Wedding After Parties – 6 Easy Steps

The after-party is a time when everyone you love, especially those you don’t get to see often, gathers together on a more intimate level,”

Some good reasonsto consider an after party:

  1. Your reception venue has an early music curfew and ending time.
  2. Your friends are a late-night crowd.
  3. You can save costs on your wedding reception – cutting down on the time needed to book band & catering hours
  • .

For the after party, you are hosting an  additional  reception. It’s best to have a change of venue which build excitement for guests but if booking a different location isn’t feasible, change the atmosphere of your reception space through lighting, music, and food. Some of the best wedding memories aremade after the wedding has ended, and we want you to have the time of your life. We love the idea of wedding after-parties. They’re a great way to keep the fun going. It’s a growing trend in the wedding industry, because it’s a chance to offer a more relaxed environment after the formality and tradition of a wedding reception. You may remember hearing that Prince Harry threw a raging after party for William and Kate, complete with a nightclub DJ and late-night snacks — most definitely allowing guests to cut loose after Prince Charles’s elegant black-tie dinner at Buckingham Palace.

Do some planning

Get guests in after-party mode with fun wearables like glow sticks and paper crowns. Remember that traditional wedding etiquette rules don’t necessarily apply, meaning that you don’t have to send out official invites, and you don’t have to invite everyone.

Hire your deejay to stay late

Choose DJ with clubbing background to spice up the vibe. If the after party is at the reception venue, save some money by using the same deejay, which will cost around 50 euros/additional hour. Make your after party distinct from the reception by switching to full-out dance music. We recommend mixing deep house, club music, dance classics and radio hits that guests can sing along too.

Get transportation in order (for foreign weddings) 

Arrange for all the guests to get back to the hotel safely either by mini bus or taxi.


Change clothes

You and your new spouse will probably want to change into something a bit more comfortable to keep the festivities going. Of course, you are allowed to wear your wedding dress until the party ends, but there’s always the possibility that it gets spilled on or ruined. We suggest to stay on the side of caution and change into a different white dress so you can enjoy yourself without worrying about your beautiful gown.

Serve snacks

If you expect your guests to keep partying until the wee hours of the night, you should provide some sort of nourishment. It’s comment for an afterparty reception to serve mini hotdogs and burgers. They go well with the alcohol.

Don’t leave people out

Whether you want to invite all your guests or keep it to your inner circle, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure everyone will have the time of their lives.