DJ Hire for Corporate Events

It’s the music that makes the party.

Companies are usually made up of a diverse group of individuals who all have different tastes in music. The key factor in playing at corporate events is being constantly aware of how the crowd is responding to the music and selecting the right music in the right moments to keep the group happy and interested. We like you to tell us as much as you can about your event, and what your audience will be like, so that we can match you with a DJ who suits your event perfectly.

Top talent DJs carry an extensive music library that allows them to adapt to the audience’s mood. DJs make setting up and strike a breeze due to not needing a lot of equipment for a performance. They also take up less space then a typical band, which makes them adaptable to any venue. We have professional, immaculately dressed corporate DJs who know how to please even the toughest crowd at any corporate event – from quiet, formal receptions to lively Christmas parties. Known for their ability to mix, blend, scratch, mash up and read a crowd, our DJs can appropriately set the mood and ambience for a corporate cocktail event.

Established to bridge the gap between the club and Special Events worlds.

Treating your employees and/or clients to a party can be a great way to build morale or thank your customers. We pride ourselves in our performance excellence and high service levels which make us very much stand out from the crowd, and we happily perform at every type of event: bars, clubs, events, gigs, parties, gatherings and shows. All of our DJs/artists have multiple years of professional experience from a multitude of locations around the world

It is also an idea to establish if it is possible to extend the DJ performance on the night itself, in case you decide that you want to continue the event for a longer time than expected.

When planning a company party, you want your guests to have an enjoyable time. This is an occasion to show thanks and appreciation to your co-workers or employees, and to entertain other invitees whether they be spouses or visiting VIPs. A great party will be remembered for a long time. Malta DJ Events has launched hundreds of incredible events and created crazy-happy memories for clients across the country. We hope you’ll soon be one of them.

Malta DJ Events offers great music, lighting, sound, skilled musicians & DJ  services for all types of corporate events, galas and meetings, with 50 to 2000 guests.

Dancing On Clouds – Weddings

Dancing on a clouds adds that magical touch and makes for amazing First Dance pictures.  If you are great dancers it will take your first dance to another level.  If you aren't the best dancers in the world it will make your first dance special without adding the pressure to impress your guests with your moves.  You will be amazed on how many pictures your guests will take of your first dance.

Wedding After Parties – 6 Easy Steps

The after-party is a time when everyone you love, especially those you don’t get to see often, gathers together on a more intimate level,”

Some good reasonsto consider an after party:

  1. Your reception venue has an early music curfew and ending time.
  2. Your friends are a late-night crowd.
  3. You can save costs on your wedding reception – cutting down on the time needed to book band & catering hours
  • .

For the after party, you are hosting an  additional  reception. It’s best to have a change of venue which build excitement for guests but if booking a different location isn’t feasible, change the atmosphere of your reception space through lighting, music, and food. Some of the best wedding memories aremade after the wedding has ended, and we want you to have the time of your life. We love the idea of wedding after-parties. They’re a great way to keep the fun going. It’s a growing trend in the wedding industry, because it’s a chance to offer a more relaxed environment after the formality and tradition of a wedding reception. You may remember hearing that Prince Harry threw a raging after party for William and Kate, complete with a nightclub DJ and late-night snacks — most definitely allowing guests to cut loose after Prince Charles’s elegant black-tie dinner at Buckingham Palace.

Do some planning

Get guests in after-party mode with fun wearables like glow sticks and paper crowns. Remember that traditional wedding etiquette rules don’t necessarily apply, meaning that you don’t have to send out official invites, and you don’t have to invite everyone.

Hire your deejay to stay late

Choose DJ with clubbing background to spice up the vibe. If the after party is at the reception venue, save some money by using the same deejay, which will cost around 50 euros/additional hour. Make your after party distinct from the reception by switching to full-out dance music. We recommend mixing deep house, club music, dance classics and radio hits that guests can sing along too.

Get transportation in order (for foreign weddings) 

Arrange for all the guests to get back to the hotel safely either by mini bus or taxi.


Change clothes

You and your new spouse will probably want to change into something a bit more comfortable to keep the festivities going. Of course, you are allowed to wear your wedding dress until the party ends, but there’s always the possibility that it gets spilled on or ruined. We suggest to stay on the side of caution and change into a different white dress so you can enjoy yourself without worrying about your beautiful gown.

Serve snacks

If you expect your guests to keep partying until the wee hours of the night, you should provide some sort of nourishment. It’s comment for an afterparty reception to serve mini hotdogs and burgers. They go well with the alcohol.

Don’t leave people out

Whether you want to invite all your guests or keep it to your inner circle, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure everyone will have the time of their lives.

DJ & Saxophonist (Live)

Want to add that extra special touch to your wedding day?

The DJ and Saxophone combination will tear the roof of the dance floor with energy and soul. This unique combination will deliver an exceptional experience for guests and will perform your favourite selected tracks.

This idea is simple where the DJ plays music anywhere from chill beat, Deep House, Top 40 charts, dance classics, 70's/80’s /90’s and our cool Saxophonist will join in harmony producing sweet sounding music vibes, This saxophonist will be connected up to the sound system via a wireless microphone allowing him to move around the dance floor freely and even dance with the guests.

Our DJ & Sax package is perfect for wedding receptions and can be booked in a 2hr or 4 hr slot depending on the duration of the performance. The Sax repertoire covers jazz, funky, jazz, freestyle, pop, soul, & blues and can play whilst guests are gathering. As soon as it's dancing time we'll mix it up with happy, upbeat music. It’s played on a tenor sax over high quality backing tracks.

For more information or to book your DJ and saxophone package feel free to send an email on with the event details (venue, number of guests expected & date of event)

Our goal is to let good music speak.

Wedding DJ vs Club DJ

The main difference is that in a wedding scenario the attention is on the bride & groom whereas the in a club environment the attention is on the DJ. Although the music is a very important part in a wedding, guests will attend the reception to pay their respect to the couple.

Wedding DJ 

The wedding DJ is not the star of the show. Besides music, the wedding DJ is responsible for conducting the schedule and the flow of the wedding and reception. In weddings there will be all ages from kids to grand fathers and the music has to reflect so that everyone enjoys themselves.

Dressed smartly - Suited

Takes requests

Music Selection - the couple gets to pick their favourite music to be played during the night

Plays dinner and conversational music

Make announcements - Introduce the family members properly

All equipment provided

Ceremony Service - wireless microphones and music

Crowd Reading - A professional DJ will know how to get people to the dance floor and keep them interested by changing genres and mixing it up.

Free Consultation -Meet up in person or talk via email to understand exactly what you are looking for and make it happen

Club DJ

At a club all people are around the same age and  have very similar music tastes and normally goes  on till the early hours of the morning.

Artists - people go to see the DJ perform and hear his music.

Loud Music

No Requests

Crowd Reading

Here is video on local TV programme discussing the key roles of a DJ  amongst other things (In Maltese):

So to conclude, there is a lot of difference between the two but fundamentally they are both doing the same thing and that is: Playing the music and making everyone happy.

5 Steps to plan your dream wedding.

Planning your dream wedding.

1) Brainstorm

Clear your mind, start with a blank page and write down first ideas and theme for the big day. No idea is wrong, start by writing everything that comes to you . Are you having a ceremony or would you like to get married in a church or chapel. If you are getting having a ceremony you will probably get asked to pick the music for the bride walking up and aisle, married couple walking down the aisle and music for the signing of the wedding. if you are unsure ask your wedding DJ and will be able to help you out with the choices. Summer or winter time?, Indoor venue or outdoor venue? the kind of food and beverages. Scroll down to see full list of vendors.

This brainstorming method will help you help you see your wedding clearly and decided on the type of wedding you are after.

2) Set a budget

After defining the ideal wedding in Malta it’s time to set a budget.  This is the time to determine how much to spend on what you need. Here is an approximate breakdown for the main services:

Wedding Reception: 48%–50%

Ceremony: 2%–3%

Attire: 8%–10%

Flower Arrangments: 8%–10%

Music:  8%–10%

Photography/Videography: 10%–12%

Wedding Rings: 2%–3%

Parking/Transportation: 2%–3%

Gifts: 2%–3%

Miscellaneous: 8%

3) Pick your guests

This is the time to decide who to send invites too. Do you want a big traditional maltese wedding where all the relatives are invited including uncles and cuosins, or are you looking for an english style wedding where intimate family are invited for a dinner and a party afterwards.This will depend on the budget you set too.

4) Research

Contact vendors that you would like to book for your big day. Ask them questions about their services, prices and their previous experience.

Here is a list of venders that you might want to consider for your wedding:

Venue, Beverages and bar, Planners, Invitations, Souvenirs, Photography, Video, Flowers, Music, Cars, Clothes, Jewellery, Beauty, Carpets, Decor, Honeymoon.

5) Entertainment

Choosing the right DJ is crucial to the success of the wedding. A lot of couple are choosing a DJ nowadays instead of band for various reasons, Firstly because it’s cheaper, they don’t take any breaks and a DJ can explore a variety of genres. Apart from that there is only one person that is held responsible for the evening.


Happy planning. 🙂

DJ Cost For Wedding

‘Couples tend to spend about 8% of their total wedding budget on Entertainment.’


Every event is different and here are some factors that will determine the price for your wedding DJ in Malta.

Time: The longer the wedding reception/ceremony the more it will cost. Normally we quote for 5 hours of DJ service but it might be less or more depending on the duration of wedding party.

Size: The larger the event the higher the price because additional speakers, microphones, upgraded equipment will be need to serve the crowd.

Musicians Number of DJ’s, Saxophonist, Violinist, Guitarist, Singer, Percussionist

Add-ons: Personalised playlist, Additional speaker/s, Moving lights, Smoke machine, Stage/Rigging, Up-lighters x5, Up-lighters x10, DJ Stand, Mirror me Photo Booth, Co2 Cannons for shooting fog, confetti into the air, Black lights, Custom Image Projection, Trust

From our experience in doing weddings, couples and guests do not remember the furniture, drinks nor flowers but they remeber tell us how many songs they danced too on the dance floor and what a great time they had. So make sure to set up a budget that meets your expectations. Do not leave shopping for a wedding DJ till the last minute because the good ones will already be booked. You want your wedding DJ to co ordinate with other vendors like photographer for first dance, wedding organiser for the cake cutting song, best man to find out when the speeches will commence and much more. Further, the most important is to have an experienced DJ that can adjust depending on the crowd, the skill of a DJ comes from being able to select and mix songs that are working on the dance floor right in the moment.

€ 200 – € 300 Beginner DJ, most likely most likely doing it part time or as a hobby

€ 350 – € 600 Professional, doing it full time and will have more time to make sure that your wedding runs smoothly. This is where Malta DJ Events falls in.

Our package includes everything you will need to make this special day a successful one with no hidden charges. We pride ourselves on having a solid reputation backed by years of experience, referrals and reviews to prove our value and consistency. 

Malta has a brimming nightlife with exceptional clubs and bars mainly in Sliema, Paceville and Rabat area (for big outdoor venues). So there will be plenty of places to go too for those wanting to party after the wedding especially in the summer. With festivals like Lost and Found and cheap hotels in Malta makes it a perfect go to place in the Mediterranean. For more information about wedding ideas, audio sound systems, DJ hire and what to do in Malta visit our blog.

Fun Fact

According to 2016 Annual Wedding Survey

71% of couple choose a DJ

29% choose a band

Fill out the form on our contact us page or send an email on to receive pricing for your event. Let us know as much information as possible, including your budget and options you are considering, in order for us to give you the best possible price and not sacrifice the quality you deserve for your special day.

Mirror Me Photobooth Hire

Malta DJ Events teamed up with Mirror Me, the newest trend in Photo Booth world to bring an advanced digital photography mirror catered for any event and a nice discount when booking through Malta DJ Events.

The Mirror Me Photo Booth Works For All Types Of Events:

• Weddings

• Corporate Events

• Parties

• Personal Events

Unique Photo Experience 

The Selfie Mirror is an advanced digital photography mirror catered for any event, which interacts with your guests to give them a fun photography experience. 

Guests are invitedto walk up to the selfie mirror where colourful animations will invite them to start their photo experience. A wide range of props are also made available to enhance the fun factor. After 3 photos have been taken, guests can then sign the mirror and add emojis to personalise their photos.

Professional Printed Photos 

The photos can be printed out straight after the pictures being taken. They are professional quality 4×6 prints. You can even incorporate your own logo. A guestbook can also be provided for guests to attach a copy of their photo and leave a personal message.

All copies of the digital photos will be given to you after the event.


4 hrs unlimited use with props

Delivery and Installation

Personalised template for your photos

Person on hand to operate the mirror

Copies of all digital images

Red Carpet + Rope Barriers on each side

You Can Book Malta DJ Events Now

  Yes, you can book your Malta DJ Events by phone (00356) 9955 9805 or by email at, Click on the Contact US  page,  to access the great service that we provide each prospective clients! Find availability, package pricing, find and manage lists, music and much more.

Venues We Regularly Work With

Here is a list of some of the wedding venues often set up and perform at:

Le Meridian – St. Julians (Wedding Venue)


Torre Paulina – Swieqi (Wedding Venue)


Pallazzo Nobile – Naxxar (Wedding Venue)


Preluna Hotel & Spa – Sliema (Wedding Venue)


Villa Arrigo – Naxxar (Wedding Venue)


Corinthia St. George – St. Julians (Wedding Venue)


Villa Bologna – Attard (Wedding Venue)


Giardini Lambrosa – Rabat – (Wedding Venue)


Razzett L-abjad – San Gwann (Wedding Venue)


Chateau Buskett – Siggiewi (Wedding Venue)


Limestone Heritage – Siggiewi (Wedding Venue)



Palazzo Parisio – Naxxar (Wedding Venue)


The Villa – Le Meridian – (Ideal for ceremonies and reception)


Baia Beach – Mellieha (Wedding Vennue)


Westin Dragonara – St’Julians (Reception + Ceremony)


Villa Mdina – Naxxar (Wedding Venue)



Hilton Portomaso – St. Julians (Ceremony and wedding reception)


Fort St. Angelo – Birgu (Wedding Venue)


Eden Lodge – Zurrieq (Wedding venue)


Paradise Bay – Mellieha (Wedding Venue)






Wedding Song Suggestions


I am really excited to be sharing my 1st of many blog posts. Here is a list of tried and tested track suggestions, you may choose your own but this will help you if you are a little stuck or need some ideas. Enjoy.

Entry Song

Enya – Only time

Imagine Dragons – On Top Of The World

Kings – This Girl

Disciples – On My Mind


1st Slow song

Bryan Adams – (Everything I do) I Do It For You

Bruno Mars – Marry You

Lionel Richie – My Destiny

Ben E King – Stand By Me

Jason Mraz – I’m Yours

Eta James – At Last

Ed Sheeren – Perfect

Ed Sheeren – Thinking Out Loud

James Arthur – Say You Won’t Let Go

Klingande – Jubel

John Legend – All Of Me


2nd Song – Parents and relatives

Passenger – Let Her Go

Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop The Feeling

Chris Brown – Forever

Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger

Stevie Wonder – Isn’t She Lovely

Dominic Grech – Xemx

The Temptations – My Girl

Josh Groban – You Rise Me Up

Scorpions – Send Me An Angel

Bouquet Toss

Beyonce – Single Ladies

Beyonce – Run The World

Clydi Lauper – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun



Joe Cocker – You Can Leave Your Hat On

Shaggy – Bombastic

Imany – Don’t Be So Shy

Queen – Another One Bites The Dust

Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On

Nelly – Hot In Here

Jimi Hendrix – Foxey Lady


Cake Cutting

One Republic – Counting Stars

Cliff Richard – Congratulations

Kool & The Gang – Celebration

Pharrell Williams – Happy

Take That – Greatest Day

Maroon 5 – Sugar


Going away

Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’

American Authors – Best Day of My Life

Stevie Wonder: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Signal – Sweet Lovin’

Bee Gees – Massachusetts

Coldplay – Viva La Vida

Felix Jaehn – Ain’t Nobody