Wedding DJ vs Club DJ

The main difference is that in a wedding scenario the attention is on the bride & groom whereas the in a club environment the attention is on the DJ. Although the music is a very important part in a wedding, guests will attend the reception to pay their respect to the couple.

Wedding DJ 

The wedding DJ is not the star of the show. Besides music, the wedding DJ is responsible for conducting the schedule and the flow of the wedding and reception. In weddings there will be all ages from kids to grand fathers and the music has to reflect so that everyone enjoys themselves.

Dressed smartly - Suited

Takes requests

Music Selection - the couple gets to pick their favourite music to be played during the night

Plays dinner and conversational music

Make announcements - Introduce the family members properly

All equipment provided

Ceremony Service - wireless microphones and music

Crowd Reading - A professional DJ will know how to get people to the dance floor and keep them interested by changing genres and mixing it up.

Free Consultation -Meet up in person or talk via email to understand exactly what you are looking for and make it happen

Club DJ

At a club all people are around the same age and  have very similar music tastes and normally goes  on till the early hours of the morning.

Artists - people go to see the DJ perform and hear his music.

Loud Music

No Requests

Crowd Reading

Here is video on local TV programme discussing the key roles of a DJ  amongst other things (In Maltese):

So to conclude, there is a lot of difference between the two but fundamentally they are both doing the same thing and that is: Playing the music and making everyone happy.